Mobile Website Design in Los Angeles

Why mobile website design?

Starting at $99,  your business could have a Mobile Website.

Not being Mobile is a bad thing.

Not being mobile optimized is a bad thing

A regular website is usually designed for viewing on a desktop computer. When viewed on a smaller mobile device, the user experience isn’t that great as certain elements from the site might not appear or may not function optimally. Mobile websites design optimized correctly solve this problem by creating a version of the website that is specifically designed to look great on all mobile phones. In addition, mobile website design may also include features that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of a mobile phone such as a click-to-call button that, when clicked,places a call. A mobile website design makes your business easily available to mobile users with a fast and easy mobile optimized website design . Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows customers to get immediate access on their mobile phone to all the key information about your business and lets them contact you with just one click or touch.

According to Google, by 2013, mobile Internet use will surpass desktop use. So, if you think a mobile website is a waste of business dollars, think again. The whole world is “going mobile.” By 2013, there will be an estimated 4.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide using their phones to surf the Internet and look for information and services. If your business is not on the mobile Web, your customers will not be able to find you.

This sharp increase in mobile browser usage signals a significant shift in how users consume content online.

So how can your business take advantage of these mobile usage trends?

One solution is to have Mobile Websites L.A. build a mobile website design-ready version of your website.


Mobile Websites in Los Angeles is important

Mobile Websites in Los Angeles is important


Mobile Websites in Los Angeles is important

After Mobile Websites in Los Angeles has optimized your website

Mobile Websites Los Angeles Premium Mobile Sites include:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited page views
  • Ad-Free Mobile Website
  • Get
  • Click-to-Call & Mobile Maps
  • Contact us Form
  • Images, Image slider, Photo gallery
  • Google adsense
  • Open Table button,  Menu buttons
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Paypal or Google Checkout
  • Youtube Videos playing on your mobile pages
  • Facebook and Twitter links with icons
  • Custom site colors
  • Custom navigation buttons
  • Custom page backgrounds
  • Customer mobile site header
  • MOBILE SEO page tags

Send us your contact information to discuss your Mobile Website Design today.  Mobile Websites Los Angeles will send you an example within 24 hours.

Mobile websites start at only  $99
Compare us to to others charging $1200 and up for the same thing.
Get your Mobile website for your business today.

If you are  not sure what to do, or you don’t have a full website,  Mobile Websites Los Angeles can make the mobile website for you. Just give Mobile Websites Los Angeles  a call at 310-508-0691. We can have your MOBILE optimized site up within 2 days.

Mobile Websites Los Angeles Examples:


Cafes need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Bars need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Bars need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Restaurants need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Restaurants need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Auto shops need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Auto shops need mobile websites in Los Angeles

sports clubs need mobile websites in Los Angeles

Sports clubs need mobile websites in Los Angeles


Salons need mobile websites in Los Angeles


Here are 10 reasons why you need a mobile website design website today:

Mobile users expect a good mobile website in Los Angeles

Mobile users expect a good mobile website in Los Angeles

1. The fastest growing communications channel in history
Consumers are using their smartphones for everything – information, news, entertainment, shopping, research, purchasing decisions, finding local areas of interest, and much more. Google’s CEO reports the mobile Web is growing eight times faster than the first wave of online Internet adoption.  85 percent of Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones! A mobile website design by keeps your business in the modern age.

2. Immediacy
Customers carry their smartphones everywhere and use them regularly to make immediate decisions and make purchases.  Consumers past actions requires that your business have a mobile website design so you’re business is accessible anytime/anywhere.

3. Quick access
Usually, mobile website visitors are looking for quick access to your business information. They want a phone number, a contact form so they can leave a message, your hours of operation, directions to your business, coupons, menu choices and pricing. Mobile website design gives your customers this quick access

4. Leverage mobile Internet traffic
Having a mobile website design makes your company easily accessible to a growing mobile audience. Many consumers make travel arrangements or restaurant reservations exclusively by mobile phone. Don’t give customers-on-the-run an excuse to browse elsewhere.

5. Mobile websites are device independent
Mobile websites reach all audiences no matter what smartphone they use. Every smartphone has a browser – so users can immediately find you on the mobile web. Mobile website design by are made for all browsers on phones.

6. Easy for mobile users to read your content
Websites designed for the desktop/laptop don’t work well on mobile devices. Asking your users to pinch and zoom to read your content is unnecessary and dilutes your message. A mobile website design -ready site makes finding answer to questions quick, easy and friendly.

7. Your competition
If your competition has a mobile website, you need one as soon as possible too – or risk losing your customers to businesses with a mobile presence.  Mobile website design by can give you the edge over your competition.

8. Make a bolder statement and stronger brand impression
Your business has likely invested significant dollars and resources into branding … so don’t let that go to waste with a sloppy mobile presentation. A mobile website design friendly site makes a stronger brand impression and keep your customers interested.

9. Higher search rankings
A business with both a mobile-friendly website and a standard site enjoys a distinct advantage over businesses that do not have a mobile site. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yellow Pages and other search engines and directories rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition.

10. You don’t need to start from scratch
The good news! If you already have a Joomla or WordPress website, you can add a component that displays your current website well on a mobile device, no matter what size the screen is. If that’s not an option, then ask your website developer to recreate your key web pages for mobile surfing. Mobile browsers will then automatically direct to those pages.

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